Oxford Oximiser X3 Series EL200 Battery Charger

R 1,390.00


A `soft-start` charging mode to improve recovery of deeply discharged batteries as low as 8 volts.

Intelligent charging will `cycle-charge` in an attempt to recover sulphated batteries

Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries including Lithium motorcycle batteries

New voltage sensors quickly detect high current drain and will automatically revert to the most appropriate charge rate

Fast and efficient charging in all modes keeps charge times short and reduces mains power consumption

Soft touch outer case for a quality look and feel

Battery condition advisor

Back lit display

Advises charge status

Induction cooling


Standard accessories included:

Crocodile clips (OX-OF702)

Permanent connectors with weatherproof cap (OX-OF703)

Wall bracket and screws

Weatherproof fuse holder