Cobrra Motorcycle Chain & Sprocket Oiler

R 1,500.00

The Cobrra Nemo 2 is an automatic motorcycle chain oiler designed to extend the life of your chain and sprockets up to 7 times longer than normal. This chain lubrication system is very robust yet simple to fit and operate, providing years of trouble free service.

Suitable also for rugged off road use as it has no moving parts as a result of being machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium.

The Nemo 2 has a patented compression oil drive system which allows for the use of varying grades of oils from motor oil through to viscous gear box oil , ideal if you are travelling in remote areas with limited oil options.

No other chain oiler can operate with such a wide range of oil viscosities saving money & effort by dispensing of the need for expensive chain lubricants or having to place your bike on a centre stand every time you need to lubricate your chain. 


Keep your chain and sprockets working at maximum efficiency, reduce wear and extend the life your chain and sprockets by providing a slow and continuous flow of oil when you need it. Direct from your handlebars. No mess, no fuss.

Cost effective, simple and reliable. Every time.

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