Capra X

R 1,300.00

The Capra X & R range of Dual purpose motorcycle tyres have been optimized for South African conditions, from one of Europe’s top OEM specialist manufacturers, Anlas. 

After almost 2 years in development and testing (including SA) the new Capra X and Capra R range of dual purpose tyres have arrived in South Africa.


Features of the Capra X Enduro tyre:


A rugged off road biased tyre that is equally adept on road, inspiring confidence regardless of terrain.
• High-rigidity Kevlar reinforced casing incorporating a unique 10mm circumference tie bar ensures excellent stability and rider feedback
• Designed for tough South African conditions
• Wide 5:4 chamfer block dual sport tread pattern delivers optimal performance across a broad range of surfaces
Excellent grip and traction off and on road, including wet tar.
High cornering stability , enhanced high speed tracking with low noise and smooth rolling characteristics
Good self-cleaning properties for mud and clay conditions
• Speed ratings from 160-190 km/h
Certified to both ECE and DOT international safety specifications.


Available in the following sizes:

Capra X 140/80-17" (170km/h) 69R (GS 650 , KLR 650, XT 660Z etc)
Caprax 150/70-17" (160km/h) 69Q (GS 700 /800 , Tiger 800 , GS 1200 Air-cooled , Super Tenere 1200 etc)
Caprax 150/70-18" (190km/h) 70T (KTM 950/990 )
Caprax 170/60-17" (190km/h) 72T (GS 1200 Liquid cooled)

Caprax 90/90-21" (190km/h) 54T
Caprax 110/80-19" (160km/h) 59Q
Caprax 120/70-19" (190km/h) 60T