Capra R Tyre

R 1,500.00

A street orientated steel belt tyre for big bore dual purpose bikes with positive feedback. Also suitable for light off road use

• Performance that lasts mile after mile with a specially formulated silica tread compound
• Innovative 0° reinforced Radial Steel belt construction for high speed stabilty and comfort
Superior grip both on dry and wet surfaces
Excellent cornering performance ,stability at high lateral loads coupled with reduced rolling resistance ensures rock solid performance at high speeds
• High straight line stability under emergency braking capacity conditions
• Speed rating 240 km/h
• Certified to both ECE and DOT international safety specifications.


Available in the following sizes:

Front: Capra 110/80-19" (59V) (240km/h) 59V
Rear: Capra 150/70-17" (69V) (240km/h) 69V